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oT Graduate Program  

Our new graduate program is packed full of excitement, support and endless opportunities to grow as an incredible OT and person.

We value our team so much we offer 5 weeks of paid leave per year!

Call Louise to discuss the incredible opportunities of joing our team: 0418472085

The new graduate program at Focus on Function

  • A 12 month program that is action packed, well supported, structured, predictable, organised and tailored to make a fantastic experience for a new graduate in OT.
  • You will work with our awesome team at least 4 days a week. This can be up to 5 days. Your days and hours can be flexible.

You will have structured and supported professional development to accelerate your learning, including:

  • A brilliant 100 day onboarding program. This includes our culture, our values, our routines, our IT, our communication platforms, our customer's journey and so much more.
  • Attending high quality education from suppliers on everything from the basics of manual wheelchairs, to factors to consider when prescribing a customised power wheelchair.
  • Online interactive webinars focusing on the specifics of our work, such as OT in the NDIS world and functional assessments.
  • The most amazing in-house training from our very clever team on areas such as factors to consider in restrictive practices and seating, and legal consideration when assessing for equipment.
  • Regular debriefing sessions where we listen to what you feel was done well and what could be improved. We respond and adjust with the vision of always improving.

You will have access to the ultimate success factors:

  • Incredible OTs who are very clever, authentic, inspirational, supportive, nurturing and fun.
  • The very best of administration support from our talented customer service team.
  • An online library of cheat sheets, amazing resources, and examples of brilliant reports to help optimise your first year working as an OT.
  • An online case management software system that has customised reporting templates with prompts for clinical and funding body needs. Our report templates are awesome and make report production so much easier, efficient, accurate and helpful for the participant.
  • A diverse and well supported case load with loads of interesting things to see, problem solve and recommend. We know that our caseload is diverse and we will ensure you are well supported to manage this.
  • Wholistic and collaborative coaching to maximise your growth and confidence as a new graduate OT.
  • Regular social catch ups with the team. We love tea, dinners out, cake, trivia and so much more.

How your year might look:

  • Your caseload would build gradually for maximum impact to our communities.
  • You will be co-working with another experienced OT directly with participants.
  • Peer review and feedback on reports will be scheduled regularly, with your feedback also crucial in this process.
  • You will have a dedicated and well supported mentor to ensure you feel empowered and be the best version of you.
  • Formalised and well planned professional development.
  • Your KPIs will include brilliant communication, contribution to our great team and so much more. Your KPIs will be staged, dynamic and relevant according to your progress.
  • Your billable targets will be reduced and graded to optimise your learning and build your skills.
  • Time set aside each week to reflect and forward plan to ensure your growth is maximised as a new graduate. We love to hear how we can do things better, what we need to do more of or less of. We are always wanting to improve how we do things.

Join Our Team!

If you'd like to discuss being part of a vibrant, inspirational, passionate team, please give our director a call 0418 472 085 or email