June 2023

Optimizing strategy for a long-lasting impact in our communities.

Our wonderful team recently came together to reflect, celebrate and plan on our great services.  

It is super exciting to reflect on the progress we have achieved and the impact we have had in our communities since our last team day, only 12 weeks ago!

Focus on Function is an allied health service based in Gunnedah, NSW. We service the surrounding areas, working with adults with a variety of disabilities, their families and other stakeholders … all with the aim of optimising lives!  

We are a team of passionate and enthusiastic local people, including occupational therapist, case managers, dietitian, customer support and leadership team.

We used our recent team to:  

  • Reflect on our vision, dream and mission! Our ‘why’ we do what we do! Always coming back to our WHY!
  • Optimize our team culture which includes efficient service provision, evidence based practice, up to date systems and templates, team support and strategies for looking after ourselves.  
  • Planning forward for our new graduate occupational therapy program - We are ready to kick this off as soon as we find some awesome new graduates to join our team!
  • Streamline our clinical coaching system - this is to ensure our team  
  • Reflect on managing our wait list, how we can improve on this, how can serve more people in our communities!  
  • How we can best support clinicians to do what they do best … provide clinical services!  
  • Enhance business processes to ensure we are viable for the long term - we want to be here for the long run!
  • Develop our organizational structure, leadership team and career progression pathways.  

Of course we do this over great coffee, cake and a nice lunch!  

Our team days occur 4 times / year. They are highly valuable for improving our services, working together as a team, reflecting on how far we have come, planning for the future, looking after each other and soooo much more!!  

Can’t wait to see what our next team brings!  

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